Unpublished Hotel Awards

Effective April 30, 2014 Unpublished Hotel Awards will no longer be offered.

For Unpublished Hotel Award customer service, please call 1-888-484-1221 within the United States or 1-417-520-1687 outside the United States.

MileagePlus has partnered with Hotwire to offer Unpublished Hotel Awards. By hiding the name of the hotel until after the booking is completed, we’re able to offer discounts at great hotel properties.

Get 4-star hotels for discounted mileage prices

When 3- and 4-star hotels have unsold rooms, they use Hotwire to fill them, and now Hotwire is providing them to MileagePlus, available for the first time ever for mileage awards.

Save more by learning the name of the property after you book

We show you the name of the hotel property and exact location after you book – and you get deals that are lower than normal mileage prices.

Save big on brands you know and trust

Your peace of mind is important to us and it’s why we only provide offers from hotels you know and trust.

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